When i started Nude in April 2018 I wanted to create patterns for women to make clothes they feel absolutely comfortable in. Besides that I had this vision of it to be a creative project, a collective with a mission to help women feel comfortable in their own skin and to enjoy the clothes they wear and make. To achieve this I want to work with other influential women to spread a message of empowerment. ‘NUDE x Luloveshandmade’ is a first exciting collaboration with an absolutely amazing woman.

The beautiful woman behind Luloveshandmade is my friend Luisa. Lu and I met over Makerist where we both work. She has been writing her beloved blog since 2009 and shares creative DIY projects and lots of colorful everyday life inspiration. Next to working on all kinds of do-it-yourself ideas for her blog, Lu is passionate about hand lettering. Telling stories and thoughts with words and putting together beautiful fonts is what she is absolutely excited about. Apart from her creative work, I think Lu is an absolutely inspiring woman who truly believes in self-empowerment and sustainability. That’s why I couldn’t think of anyone better to illustrate our shirts.

All Boobs are Beautiful

With this project we want to foster self-love and deliver a strong and clear statement: All bodies and all boobs are beautiful! Lets celebrate the individuality of human bodies so that everyone can feel great in their own skin. We are perfect the way we are. Let’s challenge together the stereotypical images of women and bodies and support each other to be ourselves.

Our aim is to help empower women from all backgrounds and celebrate diversity on the basis of race, sexual orientation, physical ability, belief or shape. The message of this project hopes to help build women’s self-esteem after negative, traumatic and often violent experiences. To do that we aim to donate all profit from the sale of these shirts to a women’s shelter. Women who exit toxic relationships where they have experienced psychological or physical abuse often lose their self-confidence and struggle with their own self-perception. With this project, we want to financially support the great work that is already being done to help them.

Get the shirt here on Etsy:


Where the Donations go to

Not only you will have a super cool T-Shirt, but 100% of the profits will be donated to the Berlin-based women’s shelter ‘SCHOKOFABRIK’, Europe’s largest open space of that kind with 1,200 sqm2, offering a range of counselling, leisure, social and handicraft services.

The shelter Frauenzentrum Schokoladenfabrik e.V. was founded in the 80s as part of a feminist project and operates around basic feminist principles with the aim to support and empower women*, lesbians and girls on as individuals. It is a place for communication and networks and visitors of any age, abilities, race and sexual orientation are welcome.

Climate Neutral and Organic T-Shirts with a clear Message

It was very important to us that the T-Shirts we were going to use are produced in a climate neutral, organic and ethical way. These hand-printed shirts are manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. They consist of Organic Cotton, are Ethically Traded and Carbon Neutral manufactured. That means these T-shirts are 100% Sustainable. Thanks to the use of renewable energy and technological advancement, the carbon footprint of this product is reduced by around 90%. We get out shirts printed within Europe and try to bring together our demands to the design, product quality and  sustainability as good as we can.

So not only you are supporting female empowerment with this T-Shirt but also you are  promoting awareness on climate change. Yay! 

This was such an inspiring project! Looking forward to many more Collaborations like this in the future. So if you have any ideas please never hesitate to message me. Im always open to new and creative ideas, no matter how crazy they may sound at first. As im planning more projects like this im also always super happy about suggestions i could donate to. Is there an Organization you want to support? Comment below or send me an E-Mail. 🙂


Eine Idee zu “Nude x Luloveshandmade to Empower and Support Women

  1. Lu sagt:

    Liebste Maria,
    das war so eine tolle Idee von dir und ich bin froh, dass du mich für das Projekt mit an Board geholt hast! Es hat riesig Spaß gemacht und nun können wir gespannt sein, wie viel Geld wir zusammen bekommen. 🙂

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